Member Commitment

Each ExecConnect Member is asked to sign the following document:

I am recognized as a leader in business and/or the community driving economic activity in the region. I am making the following commitments to ExecConnect fellow members and the community. I will:

  1. Act with the highest level of integrity in all my dealings.
  2. Not seek or take unfair advantage or ask for special treatment from other members.
  3. Help other members to be successful in their business and community activities.
  4. Be available for a reasonable number of introductions to others in the community.
  5. Participate in group meetings and roundtable discussions providing candid and helpful input.
  6. Agree to keep introductions to other members to the formal process.
  7. Recognize my role as a business and community leader and present a quality example for others.
  8. Work with others to increase economic activity in the region through discussion with other members, and regional leadership outside the membership.
  9. Use my position of authority to increase economic activity within my own business to the benefit of higher profitability, my customers, employees and the community overall.
  10. Be active in the organization and participate regularly in the functions of ExecConnect.
  11. Keep all details of other member’s businesses and personal information confidential at all times.
  12. Accept that if I do not fulfill my commitment I may have my membership terminated at the sole discretion of ExecConnect.