Membership Overview

ExecConnect is a first‐of‐its‐kind, membership based group of local business and community leaders. ExecConnect is shifting the paradigm by which business, civic, and community factions work together by allowing for a real dialogue amongst members and providing impactful results for our community.

ExecConnect is focused on partnering with initiatives that will affect positive change for the greater Denver metro area and will make a difference.

Membership Role

The role of an ExecConnect member is to facilitate the realization of the group’s mission statement, while promoting membership benefits for themselves and other members:

  • Participate in initiatives supported by ExecConnect.
  • Foster and facilitate relationships to contribute to a successful outcome of the chosen initiative(s) (make appropriate connections).
  • Provide leadership and advice to those responsible for chosen initiative(s) (share experience and wisdom).
  • Contribute to the execution of chosen initiative(s).
  • Advocate on behalf of chosen initiative(s).
  • Engage in active dialog on matters that affect the community. Share opinions and give advice on important business and community issues.
  • Network and connect members to help their civic, business and personal goals.
  • Recruit new members to support the group’s growth and reach.
  • Attend and participate in ExecConnect events and meetings.